Car Scratch Repair

April 30, 2020
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Car Scratch Repair

There's nothing worse than when a shopping cart slides across your vehicle, or you come out from a store and find a big scratch in the side of your car. What do you do once you see the scratch? You can't let it go, or you could end up with larger cosmetic issues down the road. However, is it worth having a professional fix it, or should you attempt to do it yourself? Only a professional can determine if the scratch is simply in the clear coat or if you need to fix the actual paint. Let's look deeper at the benefits of professional car scratch repair.

Car Scratch Repair Cost

Surface Car Scratch Costs

  • DIY Costs:

    Sometimes, waxing is enough to eliminate the surface scratch. Unfortunately, using wax and a rubbing compound is typically just a temporary solution. In a few weeks, the scratch is likely to come back. If you want to perform the scratch repair yourself, you might need wax or paint pens. In total, you could be looking at a cost anywhere from $30 to $200, depending on how many supplies you need.

  • Professional Services:

    Scratches in the clear coat won’t require re-painting. First, the surface is cleaned with a Nanoskin pad or clay bar. Next, professionals apply a rubbing compound with a buffer, while moving in a circular motion. Whether your scratch is caused by light hail or a small impact, a professional can repair small cosmetic concerns for between $50 and $100 each.

Deep Paint Scratch Costs

  • DIY Costs:

    To fix your deep automotive scratches at home, you will need a good amount of time and plenty of supplies. Just a few of the items you will need to purchase a wax remover, lint-free cloths, chemical metal conditioner, primer, touch-up paint, sandpaper, and masking materials. These supplies to repair small paint chips caused by hail can easily cost you several hundred dollars, and the job likely won't look professional.

  • Professional Services:

    To deal with larger or multiple scratches, you want a professional to use an electric buffer. This cuts through the clearcoat to fully repair the cosmetic damage. Sanding might also be required, along with a paint job. While it’s difficult to estimate the cost of this job, it’s fair to say that the majority of large scratches can cost more than $500. This isn’t a job you want to do at home, especially if you want to preserve the integrity of your paint.

close up view of  chipped blue car paint with owner pointing it out

Pros & Cons of Professional Car Scratch Repair vs. DIY Solutions

For the majority of surface scratches, waxing is eighty percent effective in repairing the cosmetic concerns, either by using a professional detailer or attempting to repair it yourself. However, many of the over-the-counter waxes and rubbing compounds are only a temporary solution. Within a month, you might see the scratch resurface. In addition, scratch repair pens might provide a quick fix, but these often don’t match the color of your automotive paint perfectly.

Car Scratch Repair at Phil Long Collision Center

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