Hail Damage Repair (PDR) FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about hail, hail damage repair, and paintless dent repair that we receive at our auto body shop in Colorado Springs. Have a question that’s not listed below? Please contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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While there are still conventional methods for hail damage repair in Colorado Springs, we use paintless dent repair (PDR) whenever possible. PDR doesn’t require any bonding, sanding, or painting. The dents are manipulated from the inside to reshape and restore the panel.

One of the most common hail damage FAQs is a question regarding what the destruction looks like. During a hailstorm, ice chunks are flying out of the sky at incredible speeds. These hail pieces hit your car and lead to damage. On your car roof, you will likely see circle-shaped dents and dings after a hailstorm. Depending on the severity of the hailstorm and size of the hail, the dents/dings could be as small as a penny or large golf ball or tennis ball; the hail could even potentially puncture your car roof.

You can lose several thousand dollars on the value of your car if you attempt to sell it with hail damage. Depending upon your car insurance, hail dent repair in Colorado Springs could be covered by your insurance company, so it simply doesn’t make sense to take the unnecessary hit to the resale value.

Before you get any hail damage to your car repaired, a hail damage assessment must be performed. The insurance adjuster, or dent repair shop, inspects the vehicle and analyzes the damage done. Most assessments take about thirty minutes. Once the estimate is complete, you will have the exact total for the hail damage repair cost.

The average hail claim totals around $3,000. While light hail damage might cost less than your insurance deductible, getting heavy damage might total your brand-new vehicle, leaving you with no choice but to file a claim. For car insurance companies to declare a car totaled, the total-loss threshold must be met. Total-loss threshold is when insurance companies must legally state the car is totaled. The hail damage repair cost estimate must equal a certain percentage of the car’s total present value. In Colorado, the hail damage repair cost must be equal to 100% of the car’s present value.

If your insurance has only liability coverage, the hail repair in Colorado Springs won’t be covered. If you have comprehensive coverage, it’s possible to get covered for the entire hail repair cost minus your deductible from your insurance plan. The equation looks like this: Hail Cost Repair Estimate - Insurance Deductible = Insurance Claim Payout. Most deductibles range from $500-2,000.

If you’ve already filed for hail dent repair in Colorado Springs and need to file a second claim, the adjuster will come out to determine if the damage is unchanged from the first event or if more damage was accumulated from the second event. Then, your insurance company will payout accordingly.

Penny-sized hail measures 0.75-inches in diameter. This typically isn’t enough to cause damage to most cars, but it can occasionally. Severe weather is what normally brings the damaging hail. Most hail damage occurs with quarter-sized hail or larger, measuring 1.75-inches+ in diameter.

Hail damage repair cost and paintless dent repair cost depends on how many dents need to be fixed and the severity of the damage. For PDR, medium-sized dents tend to cost about $50 each for repair, while larger-sized dents can cost up to $100 a piece. However, hail damage can be so severe that an entire part or element may need to be completely replaced driving the cost up hundreds of dollars.

There are ways to protect your car during a hailstorm. First, park in a covered spot when possible. If there is no covered space available, consider using a blanket or floor mat to cover the vehicle. It’s also wise to park as close to your building, or any building, as possible.

Many DIY enthusiasts claim that you can use dry ice to fix the hail damage on your car, but this puts it at more risk of damage. It’s best to trust your local hail damage repair experts.

If the hail damage can be fixed with paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs, our technicians carefully manipulate the dents out of the metal, working from the inside. The result is a factory-like finish that doesn’t require painting. If PDR is not an option, our auto body specialists will completely replace damaged parts/panels/elements with new ones.

Severe hailstorms can leave your car with dents and dings from the impact of the ice balls. Dents and dings can be as small as a quarter or large as a baseball. Hail can be so severe that it can crack, or even shatter, windshields and windows as well as puncturing certain parts of your car’s frame.

In many cases, filing a hail damage insurance claim in Colorado Springs won’t affect your insurance premiums. It’s covered under the comprehensive section of your policy. Insurance premiums usually only rise if a certain party involved is deemed liable. Since we are talking about uncontrollable, inclement weather, the driver can’t be held liable.

Pre-existing damage to a car is a problem for most insurance companies. If you can’t get insurance on the vehicle, it will be impossible to register it. Plus, you don’t want to wrap a car that has hail damage as the finish won’t look the way it should. In short, yes you can insure a hail damaged car if the hail damage is not significant enough to affect the car’s operations; yes, you can register a hail damaged car if it passes all inspections and is deemed safe to drive/operate; yes, you can wrap a hail damaged car but car wraps fit to the shape of the car’s exterior so wrapping a car won’t hide any hail damage dents or dings.

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