Quality vs. Cheap Collision Repair: How to Spot Bad Repairs

November 30, 2020
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You've just been in a car accident, and you need quality collision repair in Colorado Springs. You might be at a loss about where to take your vehicle because you want the best collision repair possible. We will discuss how to find a quality auto body shop and what red flags to steer clear of. We will also give you a handy collision repair quality checklist, so you can make sure that the affordable body shop you chose is also providing good auto bodywork.

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What Does Quality Collision Repair Look Like?

Example of what a good quality collision repair job on a Mercedes-Benz SUV looks like in Colorado Springs at Phil Long Collision Center.

As you search for the best collision repair in Colorado Springs, there are several things you want to check. Ask for a portfolio of previous work or request the chance to speak with some references. You can also do an online search to find reviews. In your investigation, you want to be sure that:

  • Paint colors match.
  • Textures match.
  • Paint doesn't peel and remains intact.
  • Dents are completely removed.
  • High-quality OEM replacement parts are used.
  • Panels and components are entirely aligned and calibrated to factory specifications.

If you can't find evidence of these things, the collision repair quality might not be what you hoped it would be.

What Does Bad Collision Repair Look Like?

Example of what a bad, poor quality collision repair looks like with car panels not aligned properly and paint doesn’t match

While you might want cheap auto body repair, it might cost you more in the long run. It's okay to search out affordable auto body care, but you also want to look for these red flags in the company's previous work and reviews.

  • Paint colors that don't match.
  • Textures are not matching.
  • The paint is peeling off.
  • Visible dents.
  • Parts are replaced with sub-par replacement parts.
  • Unaligned components and panels are failing to meet factory specifications.

Does Cheap Collision Repair Always Translate to Bad Quality Repair?

Cheap collision repair often translates to a poor job, but not always. One way that collision centers keep the price down is by using used parts for the repair. Additionally, if a repair shop doesn't upgrade equipment and use state-of-the-art procedures, they can charge a lower price, but this usually translates to bad repairs. While you might spend a little more for better service and quality auto body parts, you help retain the value of your vehicle by getting a superior repair.

Collision Repair Quality Checklist

Before choosing where to have your auto body repairs performed, consider this handy collision repair quality checklist.

Before visiting any body shop…

  • Ask friends for a recommendation.
  • Search online reviews for your chosen auto body shop.
  • Check the company's reputation through local consumer organizations, such as the BBB.

While at the body shop…

  • Ensure the technicians work on your make and model. You want factory-trained technicians.
  • Inspect the facility to ensure it is clean and orderly. The collision center should be stocked with modern equipment.
  • Watch to see if the staff is courteous and helpful.
  • Peek at what other cars are being repaired. You can tell a lot about a service center based on what cars they work on.
  • Ask to review the policies and guarantees in advance.
  • Have the technician explain the paint matching process to you.
  • Look at vehicles coming out of the shop. You shouldn't be able to tell what was repaired. The paint should match, there should be no dents, and everything will look like new.

Top-Quality, Affordable Collision Repair in Colorado Springs

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