Most Common Collision Repairs and Cost

December 9, 2020
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Collision Repair & Costs

You’ve just been rear-ended or been in a car accident; now what? You need to start thinking about where to go for collision repair in Colorado Springs. But how much does the collision repair cost? At Phil Long Collision Center, we look at the most common forms of collision repair and give you average costs.

Collision Repair

This work includes replacing, repairing, and refinishing damaged car body parts.

Collision Repair Cost

Because collision repair falls into many different categories, it’s difficult to give an estimate. Your car might require paintless dent repair or complete replacement of body parts. It's best to get an accurate appraisal.

Hail Damage Repair

After a hail storm, you might notice small- to large-sized dents in your car body. These can often be repaired relatively easily.

Hail Damage Repair Cost

For the most part, you can expect to pay between $30 and $75 per dent unless major reconstruction needs to occur.

Suspension Damage Repair

Your suspension can be damaged after an accident. You might notice trouble with the steering and handling that indicates something is broken.

Suspension Damage Repair Cost

Expect to pay between $800 and $5000 for the most common suspension repairs.

Dented Bumper & Rear End Repair

After a rear-end accident, you might have a dented bumper that requires repair. You don’t want to wait as this can lead to many other issues that can affect your on-road safety.

Dented Bumper & Rear End Repair Cost

A simple dented bumper might cost just a couple hundred dollars, while significant problems can set you back a few thousand.

Car Frame Repair

After an accident, you might require car frame repair for reconstruction, so the car is restored to the original factory dimensions and strength. Bent car frame repair ensures that the vehicle looks and drives as it did from the factory.

Car Frame Repair Cost

Minor car frame repair will cost $1,000 or less. However, serious frame concerns could cost much more.

Deep Paint Scratches

Chips and scratches often occur after an accident. For minor paint issues, a touch-up is all that’s needed, but that won’t work with deep paint scratches.

Deep Paint Scratch Repair Cost

Expect to pay around $500 or more for every deep paint scratch. However, smaller scratches are often far less expensive.

Car Door Repair

After an accident, your car door might not be adequately aligned or might require new paint.

Car Door Repair Cost

You could spend around $1,000 to replace a car door, mainly if it includes a lot of high-tech gadgets.
Interior view of a shattered window in still motion with glass floating in the air

Broken Windshield Repair

If the windshield has only been broken to the size of a coin, you are looking at a pretty simple fix. However, irreparable damage might require a complete windshield replacement.

Windshield Repair & Replacement Cost

Minor cracks in the windshield should only cost about $60 or less. Replacing the windshield is much more expensive, especially if there are new gadgets and technology included.

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