How Long Does A Collision Repair Take?

February 14, 2021
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How Long Does Collision Repair Take? Steps + Procedures

How long does collision repair take in Colorado Springs? There are many factors to consider as you figure out the average time to repair a car after an accident. To help you understand the average collision repair time better, we will look at the possible jobs, steps, and procedures your local repair specialists face.

Average Time It Takes to Complete Collision Repair Work

How long do car repairs take in Colorado Springs? It all depends on what kind of damage has been done. For the simplest repairs, you might be looking at two days, whereas significant damage can take months to be resolved.

Collision Repair Steps + Procedures

Every car accident repair job is different, but they all follow the same steps in Colorado Springs. Here are the collision repair steps we follow.

  1. Perform an estimate of the collision repair.
  2. Disassemble the parts to be replaced or repaired.
  3. Repair parts.
  4. Paint necessary components.
  5. Reassemble the vehicle.
  6. Perform a quality control inspection.
  7. Deliver the vehicle to the customer.

What Affects the Time it Takes to Complete Collision Repair?

As you wonder how long to get a car repaired after an accident, you have to look at all of the factors involved. You will need to consider these factors:

  • Extent of damage
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Insurance company claim time
  • Materials needed for the repair
  • Advanced components required for the repair
  • Amount of labor required

How Long Does Insurance Take to Repair Your Car After a Collision?

It doesn’t matter how quickly you get an estimate and are ready to do the work; you might still be waiting on the insurance company. How long does insurance take to repair a car? Some insurance companies take less time to respond than others. A few might also try to strong-arm you into using their collision centers for the repair. However, Colorado is a right-to-choose state, meaning you can take your vehicle wherever you want, and the insurance company is responsible for paying the claim. That’s why you want to go with the best – Phil Long Collision Center.

How to Estimate the Time it Will Take to Complete Your Collision Repair

If you want more information on auto body repair, you want to trust the professionals. If a body shop doesn’t give you a detailed estimate on time it will take, you need to go somewhere else. At Phil Long Collision Centers, we provide you with an estimate, showing you how long you can expect to wait.

Estimate Your Collision Repair Cost with Our Calculator

If you want to know how to repair collision damage and the cost involved, take a look at our Collision Repair Cost Calculator. We will help you understand the expense you might be facing to repair your vehicle in Colorado Springs.

Autobody Work & Collision Repair Specialists in Colorado Springs

Who should you trust with your collision repair needs in Colorado Springs? Others in the community rely on Phil Long Collision Centers. We carefully take every step outlined above to ensure your collision repair is done perfectly. Because we do it right the first time, you won’t need to make a second trip back to our shop. We care about your time and your money, which is why our services are all reasonably priced. Our reputation proves that we are one of the best collision centers in Colorado Springs. At Phil Long Collision Center, we work directly with all insurance companies and always provide OEM-certified collision repair when needed. The next time you are in an accident, trust the experts to restore your vehicle to factory-like condition.


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