Front-End vs. Rear-End Collision Repair

February 13, 2021
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Front-End Collision vs. Rear-End Collision Repair

After you’ve been in an accident in Colorado Springs, you will want to understand the difference between a front-end collision repair and rear-end collision repair. There are often varying costs involved because of the different components involved. We will look at what could be damaged after a front-end collision and rear-end collision, the costs involved, and where to get your collision repair in Colorado Springs.

What’s the Difference?

Front-end collision damage refers to the parts that are affected in the front of the vehicle after a collision, while rear-end collision damage occurs in the back of the vehicle. With so many vital components at the front of a vehicle, it can be more costly to fix a car after a front-end collision.

What are they usually caused by?

Front-end collisions occur when two cars hit each other head-on or when you run into something with your vehicle. Most rear-end crashes are caused by someone hitting you from behind or you back into something.

Front-End Collision vs. Rear-End Collision Repair Cost

The front-end collision repair cost is based on what parts need to be replaced. If you are looking at getting a new bumper, you could spend up to $5,000. However, you might also need a new hood, lights and mechanical work. The rear-end repair cost could be between $50 and $1,500, depending on if you have a broken tail light, scratched paint, or a dented bumper. The rear-end collision repair cost could be much higher if you have structural damage.

What Can Be Damaged in a Front-End Collision vs. Rear-End Collision?

Front-end collision repair could involve the bumper, automotive lighting, car hood, body, frame, and steering system. Additionally, anything under the hood could be damaged if the impact is severe enough. This includes the engine and transmission. The biggest issues with a rear-end collision include damage to the trunk, backlighting, bumper, frame, and wheels.

Can a Rear-End Collision Cause Front-End Damage? Vice Versa?

Typically rear-end repair doesn't also lead to front-end repair and vice versa. The only way that you would have damage from both sides is if the impact caused you to hit something else or you got hit from behind after your front-end collision. Can you get rear-ended damage to the engine? The answer is probably not, but it's not impossible. If you get rear-ended and hit something in front of you, the impact could infiltrate the components under the hood and cause engine damage.

Can Rear-End Collision or Front-End Collision Damage Total a Car?

Yes, many rears- and front-end collisions lead to the car being totaled. If major components have been damaged or there is frame damage, your insurance company could declare your vehicle a total loss, especially if it is older and doesn’t have a high resale value. What is considered frame damage on a car? Frame damage hurts the structural integrity of a car and can be expensive to repair. Even if it is a newer car without frame damage, some advanced technologies are expensive, leading to costly repairs.

Front-End & Rear-End Collision Repair Specialists in Colorado Springs

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