Front-impact Collision Repair in Colorado Springs

August 13, 2021
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Front-impact Collision: Damages, Repairs & Costs

After a front-impact collision in Colorado Springs, you might be overwhelmed with the steps that happen next. Once you determine everyone is safe, it's time to think about fixing the vehicle. However, trying to find front-impact collision repair and ensuring it gets done right can be stressful. Front collisions are common, especially when dealing with slippery road conditions, distracted driving, and car malfunctions. That's why it's important to know what to do after the accident happens.

What is a Front-impact Collision?

During a front-impact collision, the front end of the vehicle hits another automobile or object. Some collisions involve a tree, building, or electrical pole. The IIHS states that more than half of the serious crashes are due to front-impact collisions because these crashes can occur at high speeds.

What Kind of Damage Can a Front-impact Collision Cause?

After a front-impact collision occurs, there are numerous parts of the vehicle that can incur damage. We review some of the most commonly broken parts that might need repair.

Front-impact Body & Frame Damage

After a front-impact collision, the body of the automobile is often damaged. A front-impact can cause anything from minor damage to the bumper or headlights lighting, causing severe damage to the body. Even when the damage seems insignificant, a front-impact collision can bend or damage the frame, creating unsafe driving conditions and leading to costly long-term damage repairs. If you continue driving with frame damage, you may experience degraded driving conditions. The vehicle also won't provide the structural integrity needed to protect you during another accident.

Front-impact Steering & Drive Train Damage

Many essential drivetrain and steering components are needed to maintain a smooth ride located under the front of your vehicle. If any of these parts are damaged during a front-impact collision, you might notice trouble with the handling, issues with the alignment, and strange sounds while driving. Driving under these conditions can lead to loss of control and more severe damage during another accident.

Front-impact Engine & Transmission Damage

Under normal driving conditions, the engine and transmission are protected under the hood. However, when a front-impact collision occurs, both of these vital parts can be damaged. Even if the vehicle seems drivable, unseen damage to the engine or transmission can cause dangerous driving conditions or worse damage if left unchecked. Repairing a transmission or engine is rarely cheap, and in some cases, may require declaring the vehicle as a total loss.

Can Front-impact Damage be Repaired?

If the front-impact collision created only minor damage, superficial repairs to the body could usually be completed without any issues. Replacing body parts, swapping out lighting features, and painting the vehicle are all jobs that usually only take a short amount of time. If there is mechanical damage to the vehicle, the repair might be more intense. Not only can engine or transmission damage lead a car to be declared a total loss, but severe structural damage can also leave you without a vehicle. A reputable body shop will complete a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damages.

Front-impact Damage Repair Costs

Average front-impact collision repair costs are challenging to estimate because a minor repair might cost less than $100. In contrast, a severe accident or hidden frame, engine, or drivetrain damage could cost several thousand dollars to repair. The most important factors are the extent of the initial damage and any possible hidden damages under the surface. If only one part was damaged, you would likely have a lower repair cost than if the entire front end needs to be replaced. If the vehicle needs to be repainted, you can also expect to pay more.

Additionally, the type of vehicle you drive affects the cost as well. Rare and luxury vehicles tend to require more expensive replacement parts than standard vehicles. They are also more likely to require hard-to-find parts or rare parts, which drive the costs higher. Labor charges are another factor that contributes to high repair costs. You can choose a shop with a low hourly rate, but if they don't have experienced technicians, the total cost will likely be more than the expensive shop with certified workers.

When the damage is too severe, you may find that the car isn’t worth the repair expenses, leaving it to be declared a total loss instead.

If you want to lower the front-impact collision damage cost, you can talk with your insurance company. If your insurance provider covers the damage, you will usually only have to pay your deductible to have the repairs performed. It would be best to get to shop around and get estimates from multiple shops. However, remember to factor in the level of expertise when looking at the prices. Sometimes, a cheap repair job means the shop will cut corners to save money, which means you will pay more when you need to fix the sub-par work they did.

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