Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Help Keep Drivers Safe

August 6, 2021
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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Today's modern vehicles have plenty of advanced driver assistance systems to ensure your on-road safety in Colorado Springs. The addition of high-tech ADAS in new vehicles requires new repair processes, tools, and skills for auto body shops. For instance, after a front impact collision of a vehicle with ADAS, cameras or sensors that are integral components of ADAS can be damaged. These types of repairs require more unique tools and skills to repair than vehicles without ADAS. In this article, we will discuss what ADAS is, how these systems prevent accidents, and take a closer look at ADAS repairs.

What is ADAS?

Advanced driver-assistance systems are otherwise referred to as ADAS. These electronic systems are included in modern vehicles, meant to assist the driver and prevent accidents. Sometimes, these features are known as active safety equipment. The technology uses sensors to see what’s happening around the vehicle. Some technologies detect objects while others can keep the vehicle in its lane. Additionally, these systems offer a warning, alerting drivers when something isn’t right. With systems such as adaptive cruise control, the vehicle can automatically alter its speed when needed, while other systems operate braking to avoid a collision.

Does ADAS Help Prevent Accidents?

According to studies done by the IIHS, advanced driver-assist systems help reduce the severity and occurrence of accidents. Research shows that using forward collision warning can lower front-to-rear accidents by 27%. Additionally, having a system that can automatically apply the brakes will double that figure. A rearview camera can reduce accidents that occur while backing up by 17%. Adding automatic rear braking creates a 78% less chance of these types of accidents. As additional studies are performed, it will be clear how valuable these advanced systems are for today's drivers.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Insurance

Having advanced driver assistance systems on your vehicle can be both a benefit and a hassle when insuring your vehicle. Many people believe ADAS equipped vehicles would cause lower insurance premiums because the vehicle is technically safer to drive. In actuality, however, the opposite tends to be true. ADAS systems are more expensive, causing an increase in collision repair bills, which leads to insurance companies increasing their premiums.

What Does ADAS Mean for Repair Centers?

Advanced driver assistance technology might reduce accidents, but it can be more troublesome to repair. These costly and complex collision repairs require replacing or fixing sensors and cameras embedded into body panels or other automotive components. Technicians must be trained to work with this technology, which means that labor rates might also be a little higher at qualified shops.

Schedule an ADAS Repair or Calibration at Phil Long Collision Center

Many collision repair centers in Colorado Springs claim to have the equipment and skills to work with ADAS, but that's not always the case. When your vehicle has been in an accident, you need trained professionals working on these sophisticated systems. Otherwise, you could be putting your on-road safety at risk. Whether you need ADAS calibration or repair, your vehicle deserves the best. Call Phil Long Collision Center when you need a repair on your ADAS-equipped vehicle in Colorado Springs.


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