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July 21, 2021
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You don't want to replace your wheels unless absolutely necessary because it can become expensive. However, you might need wheel dent repair if there are imperfections or dents and dings from curbs, potholes, and other road debris. At Phil Long Collision Center, we offer alloy wheel dent repair services that allow you to retain your current vehicle wheels.

What is Wheel Dent Repair?

Wheel damage takes away from the aesthetic beauty of a vehicle. Whether it is a dent, gouge, scrape or crack, the appearance might cause you to think that new wheels are necessary, but many of these imperfections can be corrected. With wheel dent repair, advanced techniques are used to restore the beauty of your rims. We can repair a variety of wheel issues, from dents to scratches and peeling clear coats. In many cases, it's possible to restore the wheels to their original condition.

Wheel Dents or Bent Rims: What’s the Difference?

The first step in determining if wheel dent repair is suitable for your situation is to determine what is wrong with the wheels in the first place. What looks like dents could actually be a scratch or bent rim.

Can Wheel Dents and Scratches be Repaired?

We can restore the rims to factory condition at our comprehensive wheel repair shop even if there are dents and scratches. First, we have to sand down the wheel surface. Once that is complete, we focus on treating the heavily damaged areas. With polyester sand finishing filler, we can ensure a high-quality alloy wheel dent repair. After we sand the repaired area down again, our team will apply a layer of primer. We then spray the rim with the appropriate metallic paint and apply a clear coat for protection. With the help of our professional team, your wheels can look new again.

Can Damaged or Bent Rims be Repaired?

If the damage goes beyond a simple dent and creates a bent rim instead, you might wonder if it is still repairable. Thankfully, a mildly bent rim can be repaired but should be dealt with immediately before it causes trouble. As long as the lug holes aren't damaged, and there are no cracks, our team will likely be able to straighten the rim with ease.

When Should Damaged Wheels Be Replaced?

Your car’s wheels are structural parts that need to be in good working condition to keep you safe on the road. If the wheel's structural integrity is compromised, you could end up in a dangerous situation while driving. Additionally, bent wheels can cause driving trouble, which could turn into an accident if you lose control of the vehicle. After an initial consultation with our team, it might become evident that replacing the damaged rim is the best course of action. If there are any cracks around the lug holes or at the joints, there could be structural damage. At this time, the only safe option is to replace the wheel. Our team always puts your safety first, ensuring you know when a wheel should not be repaired.

Wheel Dent Repair Cost

Buying new rims can become expensive, but the wheel dent repair cost is often far less. In some cases, wheel dent repair can cost as low as $50. Even with a luxury car and more severe damage, you likely won’t pay much more than $400 for repair, helping you save money versus the cost of new rims. With a free quote, you can determine which course of action is right for you.

Phil Long Collision Center Offers Wheel Dent Repair in Colorado Springs

It may be tempting to try a DIY wheel dent repair in Colorado Springs, but you could compromise your on-road safety if something is wrong with the structure. Before you head back out on the road, get professional wheel dent repair from Phil Long Collision Center. Our team of experts knows how to repair wheels fast and right the first time. We can save you money and keep your wheels looking their best. Call Phil Long Collision Center when you need wheel dent repair in Colorado Springs.


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