What Are Pre and Post Collision Scans?

September 30, 2021
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What Are Pre and Post Collision Scans?

To ensure your vehicle is repaired right the first time, it’s important to have both pre and post collision scans in Colorado Springs. The pre and post scan body shop repair ensures that all of the problems stemming from the collision are repaired before the vehicle leaves. We take a closer look at this way of repairing vehicles to show you what makes it so valuable.

What is a Pre-Repair Scan?

Your vehicle comes with ECUs (Electrical Control Units). These computers control all of the operations within the vehicle. When a scan is run, any error codes become known, showing the technicians where there is a fault that needs to be repaired. Before a repair is performed, the pre scan is performed. This pre-scan shows technicians what parts of the vehicle aren’t working as they should. It also helps to eliminate any guesswork, showing the team exactly where to look.

What is a Post-Repair Scan?

The post-repair scan gets done for quality control. If the technician has performed their job right, the error codes that were present at the beginning should no longer be an issue. All of the error codes were cleared and shouldn’t return because everything was repaired correctly. To ensure the codes are gone, the technician will take the vehicle for a test drive and rescan the system before returning it to the customer.

Post-Repair Calibration/Initialization (PRC/I)

Post-Repair Calibration/Initialization (PRC/I) is something completely different than scanning before or after a collision repair. For some of the electronic systems to work correctly, the system needs to be reset and calibrated. When the vehicle arrived at the shop, some sensors might have been alerting to a problem. The vehicle will not understand that it has been repaired but must be told that it is okay. These sensors must be reset to ensure a fresh slate. With the calibration, the sensors are given a chance to rescan for accuracy. As long as everything was repaired correctly, the error codes will not return, which is the reason a post-repair scan is completed before the vehicle gets returned to the customer.

Is Pre and Post Scan Collision Repair Needed for an Insurance Claim?

Some insurance companies will request a pre and post scan, but it’s not always needed. However, having the pre scan lets the technician know what parts need to be repaired and replaced. Plus, the post scan serves as quality control, showing that the damaged parts are like-new again. These two scans can benefit the car owner and offer peace of mind to the insurance company.

Pre and Post Collision Scans At Phil Long Collision Center

When you want a high-quality auto repair done right the first time, you trust the experts at Phil Long Collision Center in Colorado Springs. We guarantee all of our work, promising that you won’t have to wonder if the repair was performed accurately. Phil Long Collision Center uses pre and post scans to repair your car right the first time. Call us to schedule a repair today.


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