Signs you may have received bad auto body collision repair

September 23, 2021
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Signs You May Have Received Bad Car Repair

If your vehicle has suffered damage in an accident, you may have taken it to an auto body shop only to receive a bad car repair. Bad collision repair can cause the vehicle to lose value, and it can create headaches for you down the road. We review some signs that you might have received bad auto body repair in Colorado Springs and show you what to do about it.

What to Look for After Your Collision Repair

Before you ever leave the auto body shop, you should perform a visual inspection of the vehicle for signs of damage. It's essential that you examine your car at a distance and close up, paying careful attention to the area that was repaired. The car paint should match the original color and texture, plus there should be no noticeable overspray. Your vehicle should also be cleaned, looking like new.

We recommend taking a test drive to ensure there are no mechanical repairs left unresolved. If you are dissatisfied with the work, it’s important that you mention it before you leave the shop. Sadly, not all collision repair centers are going to respond to your concerns correctly. In these cases, you might need to visit an independent repair facility to double-check the work.

How Do I Know If I Received Bad Collision Repair?

To determine if you have been the victim of bad car repair, you want to take a good look at the paint following the appointment. Here are a few signs that the auto body paint has not been repaired correctly.

  • Runs/Sags: Drips, sags, and dried streaks are among the most common auto body paint errors, yet they are inexcusable. You will also see shadows around any poor painting on your vehicle.
  • Color Imperfections: When the color isn’t applied evenly, it can lead to an uneven hue and blotches. Additionally, if the coats weren’t thick enough or primed correctly, the color would appear differently than the rest of the vehicle.
  • Stipple: This pattern or texture is left behind by paint sprayers. If you see stipples, the auto body paint wasn’t corrected properly.
  • Overspray: A knowledgeable paint shop understands how to avoid overspray onto other parts of the vehicle. Whether adjustments needed to be made for the weather or a different nozzle needed to be used, there should never be overspray on the car.
  • Splatter: If you were present when the painting was performed, you could look around the area where it took place. If you see paint splattered around on the floor, it means the auto body shop doesn't take precautionary steps to keep the environment clean. With this level of care, you can only imagine how your vehicle will be treated.
  • Incomplete: If there is any peeling, staining, chalking, or uneven textures, the substrate work was not performed correctly. There must be a solid foundation on the vehicle before starting any paint job to avoid these problems.

Of course, mechanical issues are another issue entirely. If something doesn’t mechanically feel right after auto body repair, you should stop driving the vehicle immediately and have it looked at.

What Should I Do if I Received Bad Auto Body Repair?

If you think your vehicle is the victim of bad car repair in Colorado Springs, you should take these steps.

  • Remain Calm. As long as you remain calm, you will retain control of the situation. You don’t want to jump to any conclusions, allowing the body shop the benefit of the doubt that a simple mistake was made.
  • Treat Others as You Want to be Treated. The Golden Rule applies in this situation. As you discuss the matter with the auto body shop, remember to give them the courtesy that you would want yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one can be perfect.
  • Return to the Auto Body Shop. As soon as you notice the problem, you want to take the vehicle back to the collision repair center. It's also helpful if you take photos and video of the complaint just to have documentation.
  • Discuss the Issue with a Manager. It’s best to speak with a manager or the owner of the establishment. Show them the problem and remain objective. If there are mechanical issues, ask to take the manager on a test drive to show them what is wrong.
  • Be Willing to Listen. Allow the manager to respond to your complaint. Hopefully, you can reach an agreement that pleases you.
  • Move On. If the auto body shop won't repair the issue, it's time to move on. Take your vehicle to a reputable shop for the proper car repair.

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