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July 13, 2021
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Whether speeding, distracted driving, or a drowsy driver caused a side-impact collision to your vehicle, it's essential to know how to repair the damage promptly. When addressed immediately, side-impact collision repair in Colorado Springs doesn't have to be a big deal. Having the side-impact collision repaired right away is the best way to avoid more damage in the future. In this article, we discuss the damage that might have been caused by the accident, how the repairs are done, and what the average side-impact collision repair cost might be.

What is a Side Impact Collision?

The side-impact crash occurs when the front-end of one vehicle impacts the side of another. It is also referred to as a broadside or T-bone collision. These can be simple accidents to the most severe, depending on the location and speed. While the most severe side collisions involve one car crashing head-on into another vehicle at full speed, it could also refer to a simple sideswipe when a driver attempts to change lanes or drifts on the highway. Weather can also lead to these collisions, with a vehicle swerving dangerously out of control when the roads get icy or wet. Whatever causes the side impact, the effects of it can be devastating.

What Kind of Damage Can a Side Impact Collision Cause?

No two side-impact collisions are exactly the same. Depending on how the accident occurs, your vehicle could face the following types of damages.

Side Impact Frame Damage

The frame of the vehicle is considered its underlying structure, like bones are to the human body. It's also known as the chassis. When the side impact causes damage to the vehicle's frame, the vehicle may be unsafe to drive.

Side Impact Door Damage

You might notice a bent, dented, or crumpled door panel. In some cases, it's just cosmetic damage, while other times, the reinforcements in the door have been destroyed. If the door cannot be repaired, it will need to be replaced.

Side Impact Panel Damage

pWhen the side impact occurs and hits the panel, it's possible to repair it when the damage is minimal. However, there are also times when the panel needs to be replaced. Most of the time, this type of damage is just cosmetic, but there are times when it can turn into a more significant problem if it is not replaced.

Side Impact Window Damage

The last thing you want to deal with is shattered glass from a side-impact collision, but it happens. You could have broken auto glass from the windows, side mirrors, and headlights. Not only is it dangerous to drive around with unrepaired shattered glass, but it can also earn you a ticket from the local authorities.

Can Side Impact Damage be Repaired?

In many cases, side-impact collision repair can be performed with minimal interruption. If the damage only causes cosmetic issues, we ensure that the dents, scratches, and imperfections are repaired. If new paint is needed, we color match it to the vehicle to ensure it looks like a factory finish when it is complete. In extreme situations, parts of the vehicle might need to be replaced, such as the door, window, or panels. Even worse, there are times when frame repair needs to occur to ensure maximum vehicle integrity.

Side Impact Damage Repair Costs

The most significant determination of the side impact repair costs is how severe the damage is. If the damage is severe or widespread, you are probably looking at a higher cost. However, if it was isolated in one area, the costs might not be as high. Additionally, replacement parts can also cost more than a standard vehicle if you drive a luxury vehicle.

With that said, there are ways to lower your collision repair costs in Colorado Springs. It’s always best to see what your insurance covers. At Phil Long Collision Center, we work with your insurance company to ensure the maximum amount is paid out. We also employ high-tech solutions that require far less labor, further helping to keep your costs to a minimum.

Schedule a Side Impact Collision Repair at Phil Long Collision Center

It could be tempting to try repairing a side-impact collision at home, but there are some downsides to this plan. First, without a detailed inspection, you have no way of knowing if your car's frame has been bent. Driving with a damaged frame is dangerous and should never be done. Furthermore, if you employ DIY collision repair tactics, you could cause more damage. The costs will go up if the body shop needs to fix the original damage and the mistakes made from the lack of experience. Instead, save yourself time and money by trusting the experts.

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