The Rock Chip Apocalypse on I-25 in Colorado

February 27, 2020
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If you have to head out on Highway I-25, we understand the battle you’ll inevitably face. I-25 seems to collect loose rocks from just about everywhere like it’s a hobby. Driving to work can quickly feel like a constant battle for your car windshield’s life. From the rocks just lying on the highway to the loose gravel flying off of dump trucks, I-25 feels like a war zone. So, what do you do when you need rock chip repair in Colorado Springs? While you could search “windshield rock repair near me,” we have a better solution.

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The Importance of Rock Chip/Crack Repair

You just merged off of I-25, and you are about to get out of your car. Before you get out, you notice a small chip in the auto glass and you are tempted to just let it go. That’s not wise Elsa and this isn’t Frozen. Minor chips can quickly turn into a full-blown windshield crack due to pressure and temperature changes. What would have been a simple rock chip repair quickly turns into complete windshield replacement. We don’t need to tell you that there’s a significant price difference between these two repairs. It’s basic auto glass repair 101 for true Coloradans.

Windshield Repair Costs of the Rock Chip Fallout

A complete windshield replacement in Colorado Springs can easily cost between $500 and $1,000 depending on where you go. This price goes up even higher if you have special features, such as a head-up display or a heated windshield. However, you can save a lot more money if you get those rock chips dealt with quickly. A windshield crack repair in Colorado Springs should cost you less than $100 per chip. This is a big difference in cost, further proving why you need to get into Phil Long Collision Center for an immediate rock chip repair.

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Does Car Insurance Cover Rock Chip Repairs?

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If you carry comprehensive auto insurance, the car window rock chip repair or windshield replacement might be completely covered. However, your insurance company would rather cover a rock chip repair in Colorado Springs than a complete windshield replacement solely because of the repair cost difference. Sometimes, car insurance companies are even willing to waive the deductible for auto glass repair in Colorado Springs. Contact your insurance company beforehand to see what type of coverage you have and what your out-of-pocket cost would be.

Are Truck Driving Companies Liable for Your Cracked/Chipped Windshield?

Typically, throughout Colorado, you will not get your windshield repair cost covered by any trucking company. That’s not to say there haven’t been some exceptions. If you were driving behind the truck carrying gravel or rocks and you were at least 100 to 150 feet away and can prove the truck was overloaded, you might have a case. However, if the rocks hit the road first, it will be automatically considered road debris. The best way to prevent rock chips in your windshield from any truck is to stay far away from trucks on I-25. Don’t stay behind them too long and keep your distance. While obeying the law, do your best to either stay parallel in another lane or stay ahead of them.

Mobile Windshield Replacement & Rock Chip Repair in Colorado Springs

Whether you need windshield chip repair or a complete auto glass replacement, Phil Long Collision Center is fully equipped to help you. Our auto body repair shop performs rock chip repairs and windshield replacements in Colorado Springs almost every day. We even provide free mobile windshield repair services for our customers, so you won’t need to leave home or the office. Contact us today to see how our state-of-the-art body shop can help you fight back against the impending rock damage from I-25. We offer competitive pricing and work on every car make/model!

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