The main causes of collision repair in Colorado Springs?

March 30, 2021
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Nobody wants to deal with needing collision repair in Colorado Springs, but sometimes it becomes inevitable. Knowing the top causes of car collisions can help you understand why most people need collision repair. Whether the accident was caused by a new traffic pattern, construction, distracted driving, or sun glare, the professionals at Phil Long Collision Center can help.

Car Collisions Caused by Traffic Patterns in Colorado Springs

If you are driving along expecting everything to be smooth and suddenly it changes, you are at risk for an accident. Any abrupt slowdown on the highway is a potential zone for disaster. We’ve all dealt with the traffic that moves incredibly slow only to find out that people were creating a gaper delay, looking at an accident on the side of the road. This basic human instinct causes countless accidents. Another traffic pattern that results in issues is the sudden need to merge for a lane closure. Typically, it’s best if both lanes of traffic continue up until the road closure and merging happens in one spot, but rarely do drivers follow those recommendations.

Car Collisions Caused by Construction Zones in Colorado Springs

While driving through a construction zone, you are told to move at a slower speed. That’s not only to keep the construction workers safe but also to ensure you don’t get into an accident. Navigating around traffic cones and dealing with loose gravel are just some of the reasons that driving through these areas becomes more dangerous.

Car Collisions Caused by Impaired & Distracted Driving in Colorado Springs

There's no question that distracted driving leads to most motor vehicle accidents. Any activity that draws your attention from the road puts you at risk. That's why you should avoid eating, talking, playing with the radio, or drinking beverages while you are driving. You want to put all your focus on the road where it belongs.
Furthermore, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have disastrous consequences. Driving while impaired affects your reaction time, coordination, concentration, comprehension, vision, and tracking ability. Even if you think you are coherent enough to drive, it's time to get a ride home.

Car Collisions Caused by Sun Glare in Colorado Springs

It's estimated that sun glare can cause more accidents than icy roads. When that sun shines directly into your windshield, it becomes difficult to see what's happening ahead of you. In these cases, you want to slow down your speed to allow for more reaction time. You should also leave more distance between you and other vehicles. With a pair of polarized sunglasses, you could reduce some of the glare for better visibility. Additionally, make sure your windshield is always clean, and the wiper fluid is full.

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If you have become a victim of a collision because of one of these aspects, it's time to get your car repaired right. At Phil Long Collision Center, our factory-trained technicians are prepared to make your vehicle look new once again. We work with all makes and models, plus our customer reviews prove we are the leader in Colorado Springs. Stop by for your consultation today.

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