What Ruins Car Paint in Colorado Springs?

September 16, 2021
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Car Paint Damage: What Ruins Car Paint in Colorado Springs?

You want the very best for your vehicle, which is why you must take steps to prevent car paint damage. What ruins car paint? We discuss the top culprits causing paint damage in Colorado Springs, so you can adequately protect your vehicle.

Sun Damage Can Ruin a Car’s Paint

Car driving down a Colorado Springs highway with the sun overhead beating down causing car paint damage The sun sends out ultraviolet (UV) rays that are damaging to your vehicle. Over time, the UV rays cause the car's paint to fade and peel. Additionally, these rays break down the molecules in the car's paint, causing it to look dull. Some vehicle colors are more susceptible to UV damage than others. For example, red is going to fade faster than white. Inside the vehicle, UV damage can also fade the dashboard and seating. The sun's rays are responsible for additional wear to the leather interior, causing it to look dull and cracked.

Car Paint Damage from Rock Chips

Rocks are another cause of car paint damage in Colorado Springs, especially when driving on busy highways. Trucks can kick up rock chips that ding your car paint or crack your windshield. Additionally, if you enjoy off-road adventures in Colorado, your vehicle is more likely to suffer from damage because of the rocks and debris on the trails.

Winter Weather Can Ruin a Car’s Paint

Cars stopped at a Colorado Springs intersection with winter conditions causing car paint damage. There’s a lot of weather in Colorado Springs that can cause damage to your car’s paint. Not only are the snow and ice a dangerous combination, but the corrosives and salt on the road are also damaging. Additionally, the tools you use to remove the ice and snow can lead to further car paint damage. Hail damage is also a concern, considering we get our fair share of this weather in Colorado Springs. Parking in a garage during these times can help protect the paint.

Car Paint Damage from Road Construction

With the roads around Colorado Springs continuously being upgraded and repaired, your car is at risk of paint damage. Road construction has the potential to cause damage to the car's paint. Whether you encounter fresh paint, powder coating, or fresh tar, these substances can adhere to the body of your vehicle. Additionally, fresh tar and loose gravel can injure the vehicle, similar to how rock chips would. Road construction can also create construction dust, which should be washed off immediately to avoid caking on your car and causing car paint damage.

Tree Sap, Bug Guts & Bird Droppings Can Ruin a Car’s Paint

Hood of a black car parked under a tree with bird droppings and tree debris causing car paint damage. If you love to travel through our beautiful Colorado outdoors, you can quickly become the victim of pests and annoyances that cause car paint damage. Whether you're hitting the trails and driving off-road or parking under some trees near your campsite, there's a high likelihood of getting hit with bird droppings, bug guts, or tree-sap. If these substances aren't removed immediately, they will become baked-on, creating lasting damage that requires professional auto body paint repair.

Phil Long Collision Center Will Fix Your Car Paint Damage in Colorado Springs

Whether you are parking under trees or the UV rays have led to car paint damage, we can fix it quickly. Our experts have the training and equipment needed to restore the beauty of your vehicle. Schedule a repair estimate for your car paint damage with Phil Long Collision Center.


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