Are You Suffering from Used Car Mange?

January 10, 2020
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Is Your Car Suffering from Used Car Mange?

Spots look good on a Dalmatian, but not your car. If your vehicle looks like it has auto-patterned baldness, your car might be suffering from used car mange. Thankfully, with the right car paint repair in Colorado Springs, you don’t have to drive around with this horrendous, splotchy look any longer. At Phil Long Collision Center, we have the tools and expertise to handle all of your auto paint repair needs.

#1 Body Shop Recommended Treatment for Used Car Mange

Mange in humans produces a skin rash, discoloration and severe itching. When someone encounters this problem, they immediately seek out the best physician to treat them. The same should be true when your vehicle is in need of a paint touch up. To accurately repair the missing paint spots and remove the damages, you need top-notch car paint chip repair. You don’t want to take your vehicle to a paint repair shop without any experience on the matter. These are the times when searching “auto paint repair near me” might backfire if you go somewhere who’s not proven their mettle in the field or is backed by a trusted, local name. Your vehicle deserves the best auto paint repair in Colorado Springs, which is why you call Phil Long Collision Center.

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Specialized Formula Meant to Regrow Missing Paint Spots

Car roof missing paint aka auto patterned baldness

When your head becomes bald, you have several options. You could throw a toupee on top and hope it looks okay, or you could go to a specialist in baldness that knows how to regrow hair. In the same respect, Phil Long Collision Center has developed a specialized formula for auto patterned baldness. Among the auto body shops in Colorado Springs, we lead the pack with our innovative technology. Our team has spent countless hours in the “lab” finding the perfect solution for your car paint repair needs. Consider letting our technicians “regrow” the paint on your vehicle. Our seamless solutions help with paint chip repair or paint scratch repair. There isn’t a missing paint spot we can’t regrow. That’s our 100% guarantee.

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A Newer Looking Car with a New Sense of Confidence

Before and after shot showing the beauty of automotive paint repair

After a deep beauty treatment, your car will drive out of the automotive spa feeling refreshed and looking its best. Who said that humans are the only ones in need of beauty treatments? When you take your automobile in for paint and body repair, you want more than just okay; you demand exceptional. You want radiance. Your vehicle should leave the auto body shop looking better than it did when it was new.

With expert paint scratch repair, your vehicle can gain the confidence it needs to perform in public. No longer does it have to drive around feeling like the ugly duckling, because your car’s feelings are important too. We can’t prove that your car won’t perform as well when the paint is falling off, but you don’t want us to tell you that we told you so. Whether your car feels it or not, you will know the difference. Instead of driving to the food store feeling embarrassed by all the marks and scratches on your vehicle, you can now show off your exquisite style. Just imagine the doors that will open to you; not just car doors. Treat your car right with proper automotive paint repair along with other key auto body services, and your vehicle will take care of you too.

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