ADAS Recalibration System Bosh DAS 3000

November 10, 2021
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ADAS Recalibration System | Bosch DAS 3000

After a collision occurs in Colorado Springs, it's essential to know that all of the sensors on your vehicle's advanced driver assistance system are working to factory specifications. To follow OEM requirements when performing collision repair, service, or maintenance, it's essential to use a system, such as the Bosch DAS 3000. It's meant to calibrate and adjust the ADAS properly, causing the advanced systems to work as intended. At Phil Long Collision Center, we use the Bosch DAS 300 to guarantee our work is performed to factory specs.

What Vehicles Require ADAS Recalibrations?

In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) rolled out rules for all new vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds. These vehicles were required to provide a standard rearview camera by the 2018 model year. All passenger vehicles after this time have contained at least a rearview camera, but many can be found with additional ADAS features.

However, some of the top automakers were supplying customers with advanced driver assistance systems even before this date. Take the 2000 Cadillac Deville, for example. This car offered an advanced Night Vision system. Plus, Toyota released Dynamic Laser Cruise Control during the same year.

Some of the most common ADAS technologies on cars today include:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Forward collision warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Lane departure warning
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Parking assist
  • Automatic high-beam headlights

Benefits of the Bosch DAS 3000 Technology

When you have collision repair in Colorado Springs with the help of Bosch DAS 300 technology, you can have confidence knowing the fix was performed correctly. Here are a few benefits that come with this high-quality calibration.

  • No warning lights on the dashboard
  • Systems work together in harmony for your safety.
  • Steering remains centered, with no vibration or pulling
  • Driving the vehicle takes less effort

How Does This New Technology Work?

View of the DAS 3000 equipment technology

The Bosch DAS 3000 is used to calibrate the front camera and radar with complete precision. The setup doesn't take long, and the maneuverable design ensures it can be used across multiple applications.

DAS 3000 Hardware

The DAS 300 comes on a trolley with extra-large wheels for superior maneuverability around the shop. It provides multiple Target boards, allowing for 1- or 2-point calibrations and those in a sequence. The included XL Multi-function board provides for all OEM radar heights, requiring simple lateral positioning for quick calibration.

DAS 3000 Software

The Bosch DAS 300 comes with highly-specialized diagnostic software. The ESI[tronic] 2.0 Online system works in conjunction with the DAS 300 to guarantee proper calibration of the Lane Assistance, Active Cruise Control, and Forward Collision Warning systems. This diagnostic software makes calibration easy because of the provided workflows, along with Target positioning. All calibrations are in line with OEM requirements to ensure integrity.

Phil Long Collision Center is Certified to Repair Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

When you bring your vehicle to our collision repair center in Colorado Springs, you know that everything will be repaired to factory specs. You don't want to have your car repaired somewhere that cannot calibrate the advanced driver assistance systems properly. At Phil Long Collision Center, we are certified to repair the ADAS with the help of our Bosch DAS 3000 system. Schedule your visit with us today.


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