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Sun in shining on a car in Colorado Springs
How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

In Colorado Springs, we have 243 days of sun a year on average, resulting in car sun damage. Whether you are dealing with sun-damaged car paint or you have a sun-damaged dashboard, the professionals at Phil Long Collision Center can help...

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Man is buffing out scratches on a car in Colorado Springs
Buffing Out Scratches On A Car

There's nothing worse than seeing scratches and swirl marks on your vehicle, but we can help by buffing out scratches on a car. At Phil Long Collision Center, we can help by buffing out scratches and providing professional car scratch repair...

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Man is making an estimate in Colorado Springs
How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

How does paintless dent repair work? This article will discuss how paintless dent repair works and why it is better than DIY dent repair. In the end, you will know the answers to how PDR works and why DIY hail damage repair is never a good idea in Colorado Springs...

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Man is making an estimate in Colorado Springs
Collision Repair Estimate in Colorado Springs

If you've recently been in a car accident, you might need a collision repair estimate in Colorado Springs. We address it all, from getting an online collision repair estimate to learning what the vehicle collision repair estimate covers. Phil Long Collision Center is your go-to source for a free auto collision repair estimate that is accurate and fast...

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