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Image of a crashed car showing damage and dents with the hood bent in half in need of quality collision repair.
Quality vs. Cheap Collision Repair: How to Spot Bad Repairs

You've just been in a car accident, and you need quality collision repair in Colorado Springs. You might be at a loss about where to take your vehicle because you want the best collision repair possible. We will discuss how to find a quality auto body shop and what red flags to steer clear of. We will also give you a handy collision repair quality checklist, so you can make sure that the affordable body shop you chose is also providing good auto bodywork....

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A repair technician performing collision repair on parts of a vehicle.
Most Common Collision Repairs and Cost

You’ve just been rear-ended or been in a car accident; now what? You need to start thinking about where to go for collision repair in Colorado Springs. But how much does the collision repair cost? At Phil Long Collision Center, we look at the most common forms of collision repair and give you average costs. ....

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A zoomed in image of a bumper receiving a yellow paint coat after repair.
Bumper Repair

The bumper is the first part of your vehicle that makes contact during a collision. This vital part of the automobile regularly receives scratches to the paint, dents, and cracks. It's also subject to hail damage. Getting a safe bumper repair in Colorado Springs is essential if you want to maintain the value and integrity of your vehicle. At Phil Long Collision Center, we provide bumper repair for your car, truck, SUV, and sports vehicles, such as Jeep models....

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a zoomed in image of car upholstery torn at the seam
Car Upholstery Repair

The inside of your vehicle is essential to you, but everyday use can cause wear to the upholstery. When you require car upholstery repair in Colorado Springs, you need to know who you can trust. At Phil Long Collision Center, we have the upholstery repair expertise you are looking for. Whether you are looking at nylon upholstery repair or...

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